Services Offered

Health Coaching (Learn more by clicking here)

  • Personalized One-on-one or Group coaching
  • Pre Diabetes prevention assistance
  • Going gluten free... or other dietary restrictions
  • In person, on the phone or over the web
  • Start where you are working with you to more the direction to feeling better.



Food Sensitivity Consulting and education

  • Personalized one-on-one, group or restaurant consulting
  • In person, on the phone or over the web
  • For those who serve food such as church groups, catering, day care, etc.
  • I can work with your family, group, servers, restaurant etc. about food sensitivities, allergies, gluten, vocabulary and etiquette related to your food sensitive customer.



Certified Food Allergy Safety Training - ANSI Certified

Allergies and sensitivities are more common than ever.
You want your diners to have, not just a good meal but a great experience. 
Have them sharing their great experience and bringing family and friends back for more.
Let your diners know you care about their health.
Capture a new customer base when they have confidence in you.
Various certified trainings for restaurant managers, front and back of the house staff.
Protect your customers, protect your livelihood.
Click to learn about the trainings available.



Toxins in Your Home

In person or over the phone… helping you identify toxins in your daily life that may be undermining your health goals. Helping you make simple changes and find safe solutions. (Group presentations available as well.)



Food Sensitivity and Health Education Group

Meets the second Tuesday of most months in Duluth, MN. Guest speakers and conversations covering everything from food, general health to specific health challenges, healing and more. Open to the public. Visit the events page for upcoming gathering details. Contact us to be put on the email list for a monthly event reminder. Like our group - Gluten Free and Other Special Diets - on Facebook.



CDC - National Diabetes Prevention Program - Certified Lifestyle Coach

The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is a year long, group, lifestyle class designed, and proven, to support those with pre-diabetes to prevent participants from getting diabetes.   If you have questions or interest in upcoming classes, classes in your area or you or your company would like to consider starting one, contact me.


A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you work with me?
My experience.
My training and education.
My passion.
I have personal experience and understanding of having health and food challenges. 
I have a breadth of personal experience with various types of health and wellness modalities- Western, eastern and holistic.


You think you might have a food sensativity or want to give a different way of eating a try.
Are you diving in to living life with new awareness of food sensitivities?   Do you need support as you integrate that into your life? With your family? Social gatherings?

  • Are you wondering if you have food sensitivities?
  • Are you looking for support that your doctor, dietitian, nutritionist isn’t able to provide due to lack of time, experience, knowledge or cost?
  • Perhaps you just want to try a particular diet and need support and assistance.


What will you get?
First we need to determine what you want and need:

  • Individualized suggestions or plans of action around your personal challenges that we create together.
  • A listening ear who has experienced the challenges that come with changing your food lifestyle. (Sometimes all we need is a little food therapy and to get stuff off our chest.)
  • In-Home or over the phone assessment
  • Grocery store walk through – see them with new eyes
  • Co-op – Do you find the idea of going to a co-op intimidating? Let me walk you through it.
  • Ideas where you can eat in and out of town.
  • Food sensitivity survival skills
  • Help in finding the right type of practitioner to support your needs.


The goal is for this shift into your new desired food lifestyle to come with grace and ease. The ultimate goal is for you to feel better and to support you on your journey to your best health.  Let’s start with where you are at and where you want to be and then start building a road-map to get there.

Email Judy at


You have a guest with a food sensitivity or allergy coming for dinner and you are not sure what to do.
My first recommendation is to ask them. They know their limitations the best.  However, I would be happy to work with you as well if you want to make sure you are following their requests to the best of your ability.

To the person in a bit of a crisis...
Let’s be honest here. There are moments when changes, for some, can be a real challenge and they need help getting over that hump… or mountain as it feels at the time.

Maybe you are on a new diet plan that still is feeling confining and the two of you are just not getting along yet.  Maybe you are going it alone, feel as if you have no support and just need to be talked off “the ledge” so to speak.   I promise!  It REALLY does get better, easier and you won’t believe this now, but you may find JOY in it. YES! REALLY.   Call, let’s chat. You really CAN DO THIS!  If I can, believe me… ANYONE CAN!  Let’s get you there!