Upcoming event!

I am previlaged and excited to be a part of this expo and networking event. 

SO many great speakers and vendors!

Join me at the Spirit Wellness Connection

DATE - Saturday May 19th at the Radisson Hotel in Duluth, MN

Heart-to-Heart Live Podcast & Interview of a panel of various local practitioners. Come by to ask questions and learn more about our local providers!

10:30am - 11:00am, Body:  Stacy Quade, Energy for Life Connection. Jodi Christensen, Yoga North. Shannon Flaherty, Hemp Oil.

11:00am - 11:30am, Spirit:  Pam Losasso, Intuitive Consultant. Cindy Wollschlager, Black Locust Consultations.

11:30am - 12:00pm, Nutrition:  Shaman, Naturally with Karen. Inge Maskun, Nutrition Coach. Judy Breuer, Wellness Renaissance.


I'll be speaking on the topic of food sensativity, Celiac Disease, Allergy discussion in the afternoon. Please come and share in an interactive conversation.

Please view the Spirit Wellness Connection page for all the final details, ticket information. Scheduled speakers and vendors.

*** three creators of this event spent time with me to have a conversation. They share what inspirations are behind this event and what makes the Spirit Wellness Connection a little different than your typical expo. Listen to the interview here for free!