Gluten Free and Other Special Diets
Food and Health Education Group

Hosted by Gluten Free and Other Special Diets and Wellness Renaissance

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GENERAL INFORMATION for the Food Sensitivity & Health Education Group events below:

*For all events below marked with the leaf
6:30 - 8:00 pm Second Tuesday of MOST months
Occasionally location might change.. location changes will be noted

LOCATION Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church (Lower Level)
1414 East 9th street, Duluth **Unless otherwise noted.

MOST Events are free and all are open to the public
Good will donations are greatly appreciated.

For information or to join events email list - (Typically 1 email a month) OR if you have questions about food sensitivities or Allergy safety training for groups or restaurants contact Judy via phone, email or contact form.

The Vegan Cookbook Club - First Thurs of each month (Monthly Event with Bonnie Ambrosi):

at Mt. Royal Branch Library

Thursday, February 2


Library event info page

Anyone who has an interest in exploring plant-based cooking is welcome, even if you've never made a vegan meal in your life! (Okay to come in late or leave early -- just come!) For more information, contact

Perhaps you want to try this as a lifestyle, just try a meal on occasion or expand your food and meal options.   No experience necessary... all are welcome


**This event happens monthly on the first Thursday of each month

April 11 - PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome With Dr. Jocelyn Strand, N.D.:

PCOS - Come and learn about the relationship of healthy hormonal function to diet, toxic load, blood sugar, stress level, and nutrients.  We will talk about symptoms, what the diagnosis means for women, and proven natural treatments.  

Please join us as wel welcome Dr. Jocelyn Strand of Lake Superior Natural Medicine

Note from Judy B.
If you or a family member has PCOS this is a unique opportunity to gain deep insight to aspects of PCOS... Dive deep and perhaps gather tips and tools for supporting yourself or your loved ones. 

Don't know Jocelyn?  You can check out her link above or click here to hear an interview about what it means to be a Naturopthic Doctor.

Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church
1414 East 9th street, Duluth

6;30 - 8pm

Tuesday April 11, 2017


March 14 2017 - Exploration in everything you wanted to know about vegan but were afraid to ask. discussion and pot-luck!:

(IMagine a little green leaf graphic to the right. This is a food group, second Tuesday event. Technology is laughing at my plan thismorning. :)

Bring your questions and a dish... if you like.  Don't know what in the world to bring?  NO worries!  Just show up!  If you do feel called to bring food but need ideas... I'll add list suggestions below but don't feel you need to bring anything. Come with a curious pallet and open mind... and enjoy!

Learn why people might choose to eat vegan... health, planet, etc.
Some people choose it as a life style, some a few meals a week.
How to get a full compliment of nutrients
Is vegan good for everyone?
What is included in vegan diets and how to cook beans, lentils, etc.

Bonnie says
"I'd like to share is the Eat Plants for the Planet idea -- how reducing industrial animal agriculture is essential for saving the climate and the environment. Surveys show that going vegan part-time (flexitarian) is the nation's hottest diet trend, and the number of full-time vegans is rapidly growing as well. The number one reason people give is health. The number two reason is the environment. I will talk about both."


gluten-free crackers (not cheesy!)
roasted vegetables
nuts or seeds
roasted peas.... at the co-op are amazing

"But really, it's fine to just come. There will be plenty".

Tuesday March 14th
Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church... LOWER LEVEL
1414 E 9th St, Duluth, MN 55805
Call Judy for questions 651-231-1371 -Cell - Text OK

May 9 - Do you live to eat or do you eat to live? with Jody Richards:

The good news is there is no wrong answer to that question. What is important, is recognizing that in life our relationship to food changes depending upon life circumstances - health, finances, and the time one has for food preparation. Join the discussion and explore some mindful approaches to eating.

Jody Richards, a life long food enthusiast, focuses on healthy, affordable, and easy to prepare foods. She earned a B.S in Home Economics Education from Eastern Illinois University, an M.Ed from University of Minnesota-Duluth, and she is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.

Note from Judy B.
Judy is enthusiastic and LOVES to share what she knows.  She also knows we have busy lives and her suggestions reflect that.  Please join us. This will be enlightening and fun!

Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church 
Lower Level
1414 East 9th street, Duluth

6;30 - 8pm

Tuesday May 9, 2017