Who am I and why am I here?

Hi there and welcome.
I have been traveling my own health journey for over 20 years. I have explored the spectrum of western and eastern, “alternative” and natural medicine, and beyond. What a ride… educational, fascinating and yes, at times frustrating to say the least. I have learned so much by experience and education. Sometimes it feels like I am one big puzzle looking for the right tools to fit the pieces into place. Honestly… sometimes I wonder if I’m really NOT that much of a puzzle but our system has changed so very much… both food and health care… and my body just doesn’t quite know what to do with what it has to work with. I’m betting… actually, I KNOW, I’m not totally alone in these feelings and curiosities.

During this process I have found a passion for helping others find pieces to their own health puzzles as well. My hope is that I can be part of your journey by helping putting those pieces into place a little faster providing information, tools, finding answer to questions, etc.

If it weren’t for the amazing people I have met along the way opening doors, letting me peek inside and broadening my mind and body to new experiences I do not believe my journey would be as swift, as graceful or would I have come this far. This support is what I want to pass on to others.

The last few years in my own health exploration I have put a great focus on food – Learning about my own body and how it responds to food – Taking the connection between our food and body seriously. You are what you eat has been so over-used that no one even considers what that means to us any more and how deep it goes. I have worked hard in my community, creating awareness and opportunities for education and support.

In September 2010 I started a food sensitivity support group here in Duluth. It has evolved into a food sensitivity and health education group with monthly speakers and discussions. Email Judy@wellnessRen.com for upcoming events and topics.
Much of my base is built from much self study. I have also had the privilege to take part in countless classes, presentations and trainings given by doctors and health practitioners from all ends of the medical spectrum from around the U.S. and the world spanning a great breadth of topics. Most has been spent on food, nutrition and our bodies I LOVE learning about this stuff!

Most recently I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a B.A.Sc. in Community Health/Public Health Education and Promotion. Food sensitivities and food allergen identification was a large part of my internship while at UMD.

I have completed master trainer training through MenuTrinfo/Allertrain to train restaurants, or anywhere that serves food, in food allergy and sensitivity safety and procedures in order to serve their customers with specialized needs safely

I am NOT a nutritionist! I am not a dietitian. In my personal opinion, the science of nutrition offers a lot that can be learned. However I think looking at food and nutrition with a much greater respect and perspective to the whole food and how the sum of its parts work together is more beneficial to us. That being said… there have been WONDERFUL things learned by breaking our food into its nutrient parts. I believe that information should perhaps be used more as a guide or a consideration rather than a law. Science learns every day by discovering things and not knowing how these things react to each other that we really do NOT know what we do not know.

Judy B.

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